We out?!
I told ya’ll before.. only tapping in for the important stuff! Let’s make this short + sweet. I just launched my first digital product of the year— 2023…
As a Mercurial babe, there’s something extremely liberating about having your own space to dump your thoughts, feelings and ideas. I think that’s a big…

June 2022

You guys have been loving my predictions on social media, so let’s see what June has in store for us.

May 2022

Creative solutions and a much needed intellectual reset
me too, everything is changing!
I pray that you and your sister will continue to lean on each other and be a source of light. May you release the pain + hold the sweet memories of your…
you’re welcome Danny!
We’re hungover from the eclipse energy. what do we do now?
Your weekly tarot pull — whenever you read it, is when you need it.

April 2022

The stars are aligned for potent manifestations and subconscious change!
thank you Rich!